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 MEDIASOLUTION.in is only an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Consultancy Company for Electronic Media and Broadcast Services in India, located at Delhi-NCR, we provide complete solution, as we  understand the entire gamut of the business from micro & macro  planning & research, manpower planning & recruitment, corporate  look, technical support, design & development, editorial &  programming support, branding & promotional support and packaging  & channel look.

Many people don’t know the answer of some questions when it comes to TV. Don’t worry we will provide many of the unknown answers to many of those questions. If you think about a satellite channel or you want to launch your dream satellite Channel or you have any concept for a new satellite channel, we have many of the solutions. Local, National, and International are all part of the vast equation of this complex market, and we are here for you. If you want to start a TV channel we can do most of the setting up for you, or you can use our advice and do it yourself.

 What do we do?

    -         Support for the applying for the License for Satellite Channel

-         Technical Solution Provider

-         Design and setup Studio

-         Micro & Macro Planning & Research

-         Editorial & Programming Support

-         Training & Development

-         Manpower Planning & Placement

-         Distribution Strategy

-         Overall Supervision of Dry Run, Launch and Hand over

-         Setup Satellite channels world wide.

We can help you decide on what’s right for you. We have access to satellites from around the world for those looking to get into having their own satellite channel.

We have helped organizations start their own channel. Let us know how we can help you, and feel free to visit around our site for more information.

Please get in touch with us for the conceptualization of your dreams ……..!






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