Advertise with Us has been one of the leading global resources for the Media industry, receiving over 1,50,000 Hits per month. We are very good at helping advertisers target for media industry...

Our readers comprising Top Media Houses, Media Person, Media HR department, Media analysts, Media Students, Media Employees, Broadcast Companies and decision makers etc.

We will carry display logo of your Company in our portal. It will help you to reach directly to your targeted viewers, which would raise perception of your Company further. helps you optimize your banner campaign to your target-audience and budget.

Advertising Strategy advertising strategy is to bring only those advertisers, which are known for excellence and are pioneer for media industry.

We invite you to join this august club of MEDIA. We are sure you would agree that this kind of ecosystem would further enhance perceivable value of your company across the country. Our package will give your company the right buzz, a necessary wrap in today’s competitive market to maintain mindshare at the right quarters.

Price List

Small INR 1000.00 pm Small side-banner, still GIF format.

Large INR 2000.00 pm Large banner, animated.

Banner-design technical specifications
Banners come in two sizes: Large = 1-2 per-page, and Small = several-per-page.
Large Dimensions: 465x60 pixels.
Format: JPEG, GIF or FLASH. See below for FLASH.
Maximum file size: 100kb.
Animations with 30 seconds only.

Small Dimensions: 120x70 pixels.
Format: JPEG or GIF only.
Maximum file size: 50kb.
No animations.

1) Can only be the Large (465x60) size.

2) Must follow the animation and Click Tag rules.
Please email finished artwork to

Or, staff can design ads for you. We charge:

Design of Small (no animations): INR 500.00 per design
Design of Large Gif (with animations): INR 1000.00 per design
Design of Large Flash (with animations) INR 2500.00 per design
To begin advertising, send us an email –


Email Alerts

Media Industry professionals receive Email Alerts when media jobs appear on Ticker and To sponsor an alert with a text-banner, please email - or talk at 0120-4265441.
Price list

    INR 1000.00 PER MONTH





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