Dipendra Singh Chilwal

Dipendra Singh Chilwal is a prolific manager of media professionals. He has thoroughly specialized in understanding skill-sets requirement in every department of media and judging the right candidate for a given position. In his 15 year old career he has been instrumental in negotiating with and inducting key figures of various organizations that included Sahara Samay, S1 News Channel, Space TV and CNEB News Channel and many media prominent personalities. This exercise has created a unique network of human resources for him in every layer. In Sahara Samay he delineated job specification and benchmarked salary structure for 52 positions and steered the recruitment process of more than twelve hundred employees for six group channels. His unusual experience in handling HR Management and TV channel administration has positioned him aptly for pre-planning an integrated Administrative, Personnel and Recruitment Strategy and implementing it. Having worked with media organizations of varying nature, he has mastered the craft of customizing the Administrative and Personnel requirement for any given environment. But above all, his databank and network pool allows him to pick and choose the right personnel without loss of time.



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