Editorial & Programming


1. Content & Programming

Content & programming in a channel are the key to make a deference. Any channel that be a news, programming, infotainment, religious, entertainment or sports etc. needs a deferent content & presentation. We provide & suggest content solution to these channels as per their expectations. Our guidance & suggestions will be based on market research & surveys of the target viewer of the area or region concerned.


Utmost important thing in a channel is the area where everybody does his or her job. In a news channel, news room is a bit hectic. Non news channels are comparatively cooler. We provide & train the people to act properly in a news room, how they are going to act in a situation of crisis is also our concern. Besides this we also train the people to maintain the proper news flow system.


Style sheet is the set of rules to control & guide the channel. These rules are the parameters that everybody has to follow for smooth running of the channel. Style sheet contains the language norms, dress code, rules & regulations laid down by the government etc.

4. F P C (fix point chart)

Every channel needs a planning to run the show accordingly. FPC is the document which does the same. FPC shows the time schedule for program & mentions the details on what time what is going to be on air. We can provide & suggest the FPC for various types of channel whether it is news & current affairs channel or a non news channel.


Programming needs to be categorized in two spheres, one is news programming & the other on is hardcore programming. News programming is meant to be the in depth analysis of any big news of the day or any other newsy item while hard core programming needs advance planning and a proper schedule for shoot & scripting. We can provide concepts & ideas that can create an impact on society.


Everybody used to say CONTENT IS THE KING but practically it is the most neglected phrase in any channel. No doubt Content is the backbone of any channel provided it fulfills the specific need of the channel & cater its target viewer. We provide proper training in copy writing, try to inculcate proper news or programming sense & train the people to judge the content important for them, as well.




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