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"Providing a creative and result oriented approach to training and developing your people"


Our excellent training and guides to ensure that you and your Organization get the most out of your skills, knowledge and behaviours at work - and develop your peoples expertise in their respective fields.

We believe that learning and developing others is exciting and motivational! We want to share that with you and build long term relationships to always be there to inspire and support you in your successes.

Whether it’s designing and running courses and support programs, facilitating team events, one-to-one coaching or providing you with a fully inclusive guide to use yourself, we’re there for you!


Our approach

Our experts provide excellent solutions to your learning, training and development needs in a

Sympathetic and professional manner.

We will work with you in a long-term relationship to develop your people and raise the potential and

performance of the organization.

We are honest about our abilities and deliver on our promises

Our Aim

Is to establish a deep understanding of your needs, through extensive one-to-one contact, before we

under take any assignment. This ensures a foundation for our long term relationship based on

delivering your aspirations for you to develop and train your people.

Our experts show close relationship and ease of communication with people at all levels of your



We Support

Whether you are a small, medium or large media house, you may wish to consult us on one of a

number of issues. If you are under resourced or stretched at the moment and don’t have the internal

manpower to support the organisation, we can help.

In the office we have an excellent expert team to answer any questions regarding Technical, Editorial,

Programming and any others fields of media industry.


Training Courses

Each of the courses will be customised to ensure it fits in with your organisation, your people and your objectives. We’ll work with you to develop excellent sessions and agree the most effective way to engage your people.

The focus is always on every individual who attends the programme and linking their learnings, skills development and behavioural changes with the organisations objectives and programme outcomes.

Topics for Training & Workshops

Automation work flow Training

PCR/MCR Operations Training

Injest Operations

Camera Handling

Library / Archiving Training

Script Writing

Run down Operations

Production Operation

Anchor /Reporter Workshop

Editorial Workshop

Customize Work flow training according to designed system.


"If you want to success in media industry: Pl Develop and Inspire Your People"




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